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Landing Big Company Jobs with Virtual Job Hunting

Do you feel like you’re pounding your head against a wall with the frustration of job hunting? Does it feel like your resume is slipping through the cracks? Do you know that you could land a job if you could just get an interview?

Meet host Ron Nash who will introduce presenters Niki Woodall and Nate Pedronan for this live program addressing the top concerns of Mid- and Senior-level Managers.

In this Live Masterclass series, we’ll cover the 3 things you need to know to be successful in getting into a big brand company!

1. The Secrets to Compelling Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles:

We will have a professional resume writing team that will give insight and secrets into how to write your resume and LinkedIn profile to beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and gain the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

2. Meet Big Brand Recruiters and HR Professionals

Get Hired Now! Programs’ network consists of World-class recruiters and HR Professionals from big-brand companies. They will share how to get their attention, how to get them to respond, and how to partner with them to get you hired!

3. Networking Strategies that Open Doors

Meet with experts who will share insights and tips into how to develop and expand your professional brand on LinkedIn and answer your questions about how to expand your professional network.


Wednesday, August 26th, 2020, 4-5:30pm PDT

Earlybird Price: $25*


Coach Ron Nash

Coach Ron Nash

Founder, CRN Career Village, Get Hired Now!

Coach Ron Nash is your charismatic host of the all of the Meet The Recruiters series. As a professional Career Coach, Life Coach & Executive Recruiter for over 20 years and a LinkedIn® Certified Profinder Career Coach with Expertise in the Digital & Hidden Job Market, Coach Ron Nash has designed programs to show individuals interested in career transformation the secret strategies they need to transform their careers and get hired on the LinkedIn platform. The new Meet The Recruiters series is Coach Ron’s latest offering and part of the upcoming Coach Ron Nash Career Village.

Niki Woodall

Niki Woodall

Mindset Makeovers

Niki Woodall is a Recruiter at Facebook with more than a decade of diverse experience serving non-profits designated under the U.S. State Department, EdTech companies, start-ups and more. 

The journey wasn’t always an easy one. Before packing her cat in her car and moving from Philly to NYC to change careers, Niki cultivated a love affair with mindset and personal development work and overcame her own “trauma drama” stories around worthiness and other limiting beliefs. 

Over the years, candidates would start to confide in her with their deepest fears and life challenges, often saying, “You’re more like my coach or therapist than my recruiter.” This led Niki to launch a Career Coaching business focused on Mindset makeovers, specifically “How to channel the “Top Performer Mindset” that it takes to land the top jobs.” She says the benefits are ten-fold. “The same inner-work helps you transcend in all areas of life like love, money and relationships, not just careers.” She’s passionate about helping young professionals tap into their limitless potential. As her mantra states, “You are loved, you are limitless and it’s time to shine.”

Nate Pedronan

Nate Pedronan

Resumes and Search Strategies

Nate Pedronan is the Director of Operations & Senior Consultant at Inside Recruiter Resume Writing Services. His background in resume writing, sourcing, and recruiting has helped hundreds of clients at all levels reach the next step in their career. He especially loves helping job seekers gain an advantage in the market through his first-hand knowledge of new recruiting and job seeking technologies including: job aggregators, CRM, ATS, A.I, Big Data analytics, and advanced sourcing tools & techniques.

Outside of the recruiting world, Nate is secretly a sci-fi nerd, and Trekkie who loves cooking/baking/and eating carbs of all shapes and forms.

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Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

4-5:30pm PDT

Earlybird Price: $25

What Will I Learn?

The 4 categories we will discuss during the Meet the Recruiters Series are:

  • What is Your Unique Value Proposition: Why should I hire you?
  • What are recruiters looking for in a resume?
  • Does your resume have to match your LinkedIn profile?
  • Is your professional brand on LinkedIn important?

Virtual Job Hunting: How to get a recruiter at a big name company to respond to you on LinkedIn.

  • Learn to build a network into people you don’t have relationships with.
  • Successfully build a career network into any organization you choose to target.
  • Learn to partner quickly and efficiently with internal recruiters.
ACCOUNTABILITY System/Partnership
  • What process do you use each day to make sure you’re doing everything you can to be successful?
  • What is the system you are using to track and measure your results?
  • Do you have an accountability group or partner? Why is this is critical for your success?

  • Do you have a strong Unique Value Proposition?
  • Do you believe in your value?
  • Are you confident in your ability to sell yourself? Even when you don’t feel great?
  • What happens when you are not getting past the initial stages after several attempts?
  • What happens when you start to feel like nothing’s working?

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Wednesday, August 26th, 2020, 4-5:30pm PDT

Earlybird Price: $25*

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“Before this event, I only ever thought about my resume as a static document. I never understood how recruiters weeded through candidates and resumes or how to match my resume to the job I want. I learned so much from Nate about the importance of keywords and his demonstration with the Google search for keywords and jobs was something I never knew about. I have so many new tools to utilize in my job search now.”

~ Attendee

“I’ve spent so much time stressing about interviews that I didn’t even consider how my mindset was affecting my presentation. Niki really helped me understand how to get inside the mind of a recruiter and how building relationships with recruiters is critical for my success! I’ve never been able to hear from a recruiter on a more personal level and I feel like I was really able to get a whole new perspective on how to prepare going forward.”

~ Attendee 

“I was blown away by the value of this event. I never expected to be able to ask a real recruiter questions and get feedback without the pressure that comes with an interview. There’s no one better to learn from than the people making hiring decisions on a daily basis. Coach Ron Nash has really assembled an incredible team here that covers all aspects of not just getting a job, but finding one that is truly right for you. I’m very much looking forward to the next Meet the Recruiter event.”

~ Attendee 

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